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Written, Produced, Directed, and Edited by Daniel Silber.
Cinematography by Richard E. Brooks, Noah Ehlert.
Original music by Martin Ruhland.
Cast: Wallace Wood, Orran Farmer, Yolanda Hester

Awards & Nominations
Best Short Film (nominee) - Tiburon International Film Festival, USA
Best Narrative Short (nominee) - Ojai International Film Festival, USA
Top Ten Selection - Project Greenlight Competition (HBO/Miramax), USA

Selected Screenings
Theatron Cinema Open-Air during 2002 European Athletic Championships

Original, clever, amusing and moving all at once.
- Steve Grumette, Artistic Director, Ojai Film Festival
Very funny and surprising.
The shot composition is nothing short of brilliant.
A touching story. It has good characters and an unpredictable twist.
- Reviews from the Project Greenlight Directors Competition


Director's Notes
The screenplay is an adaptation from a well-known anecdote, which can be found in different variations all over the world.

I was fascinated by the location for this film – the food court in the Manhattan Mall in New York. We could only shoot there for a few hours in the morning and by lunchtime, the place was packed! We were lucky not to get any reflections in the window of the hundred or more people around the table by then – in the film, it still seems as if it were only the two actors there…

The stunt in the film is actually only half-controlled. When Wally almost gets run over by the speeding black car, no other driver in the street knows that we?re shooting a film... I wanted to go for another take, but the assistant director advised me not to get too carried away, because it was really dangerous. Thanks to him, we got it done, and no one got hurt!

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